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About us:

Gillian and Yanni von Fernheim

Gillian and SG Yanni von Fernheim, SchH1, BH, TR1, OB1, TD, CGC

(Photo courtesy of Marsha McDonald)

Fernheim German Shepherds is owned by Gillian M. Salling.  I am a native of Lincolnshire, England, and have lived in North Texas since 1970.  I am an AKC licensed Tracking Judge and have been judging since 1984.

I have been breeding sound GSDs since 1979 and using a combination of East German and West German working lines since 1986 when I acquired my foundation bitch, Jamie v. Stolzenfels, SchH1, CD, from the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, at the age of 14 months old.  Jamie won the GSDCA's 1989, 1990, and 1992 Annual Training Achievement Award for Dams and has had progeny listed in the program either for dams or for sires ever since then.

My breeding goal is to produce pups with super working drive, outgoing temperament, sound hips and elbows, and correct structure, which will be suitable for any kind of work including Schutzhund, AKC obedience and tracking, agility,  police K-9 work, search and rescue, therapy dogs, guide dogs, service dogs  for the handicapped, and sound family companions.  I breed only dogs of 100% European lines that are titled and have OFA certified normal hips and elbows.  I only breed one or two litters per year so that I can devote my full attention to each litter, thereby ensuring that each pup gets the best start on its journey towards achieving its full potential.

I am a member of the G.S.D.C.A. and W.D.A..

Liesl von Fernheim

Liesl von Fernheim, TDX, HCT

(Photo courtesy of Marsha McDonald)

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