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Past Brood Bitches:

Jamie v. Stolzenfels
Jamie v. Stolzenfels, SchH1, CD, KK1 2a, OFA-GS-19063F27F-T, GS-EL3092-T. 11/20/84 to 12/02/96.  Jamie was my foundation bitch and was the mother of Jette and Delfi.  Jamie was a daughter of 1979 East German Sieger Bodo v. Gräfental and Wilma v. Stolzenfels.  She was bred and raised by the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation.  She loved to work and was a High in Trial winner.  She was an excellent brood bitch who stamped herself in her progeny.  She won 1st place in the GSDCA's 1989, 1990 and 1992 Annual Training Achievement Award for Dams and was ranked in the top 10 for 7 years!  She was the #1 cumulative winner for 1988-1990 and was in the top 3 for 10 years!
Hodenhof's Jette von Fernheim, SchH1, CDX, TD, HT, HCT, TT, OFA-GS-22668G24F-T, EL-3098-T.  12/01/86 to 10/24/96.  Jette was a daughter of  Jamie and 1978 Vice Herding Sieger Gauner vom Kirschental.  She was  the mother of Gundi and grandmother of Obi, Xara, and Yanni.  Jette  was a dog who did it all -- Schutzhund, AKC obedience and tracking, and sheepherding!  She was a High in Match winner.  She was also a wonderful producer.  She produced a son who was a stud dog for the Monks of New Skete for many years and another son who sired many progeny who were used not only as guide dogs but also became producers for 3 different guide dog organizations.  She ranked in the top 10 of the GSDCA's Annual Training Achievement Award for Dams 5 times from 1992-1998 ranking #3 in 1994 and 1995!  For 7 years she was one of the top 6 cumulative point winners!
Hodenhof's Jette v. Fernheim
Delfi von Fernheim
Delfi von Fernheim, SchH1, CDX, TD, HIC, OFA-GS-26959G24F-T, EL404-T.  09/13/88 to 04/03/01.  Delfi was a daughter of Jamie and Siro vom Seeblick who got "V" scores in the Bundessiegerprüfung 3 years in a row and was rated "V" in the Sieger Show 2 of those years!  Delfi was an enthusiastic worker who remained energetic till her final days at  the ripe old age of 12 and a half years old.
Gundi von Fernheim, BH, CDX, TD, CGC, OFA-GS-31320G24F-T, EL1392-T.  05-02-90 to 11-11-03.  Gundi lived an active and healthy life for 13 and a half years and is greatly missed.  She was a daughter of Jette and Quindt vom Baruther-Land and granddaughter of Jamie.  She was also the mother of Obi and Yanni, and grandmother of Greta.  She was a great brood bitch and produced some wonderful puppies, including a daughter who was a brood bitch for the Monks of New Skete.  Her great love was tracking.  She found a gold watch that a friend had dropped while laying a track and found my son's camouflaged pocket knife by tracking where he had walked in an overgrown lot more than 24 hours later during the heat of the day while 7 weeks pregnant!!!  She was head of our canine family at Fernheim GSDs for several years!  Gundi tied for 10th place in the GSDCA's 2003 Annual Training Achievement Award for Dams and has ranked in the cumulative point winners for 8 years!
Gundi von Fernheim

(Photo courtesy of Marsha McDonald)

SG1 Dora von der Steimbelsiedlung
SG1 Dora von der Steimbelsiedlung, SchH3, AD, TD, KK1 2a Lbz.,
OFA-GS-45038G26F-T, EL-5595-T.  01-04-94 to 08/04/06.  Dora was personally chosen and tested  for me in Germany by Peter Wörsdorfer and imported at the age of 14 months.  I  trained and handled her and put all of her titles on her myself.  She had super prey and defense drives and was a fun dog to work, but she was  also affectionate and people-oriented. She had 5 litters of puppies  including one pup who went OFA Excellent!  Dora was a granddaughter of Falko von Haus Sindern and had lines to Greif zum Lahntal, Nessel vom Busecker  Schloss, Ignaz vom Oberscholvenerweg, Benny vom Heideloh, and Jonny von der  Rheinhalle.  She lived to the age of 12 years and 7 months old.

*** To view Dora's pedigree, please click here ***

Xara von Fernheim , TD, BH, TR1, AD, CGC, OFA-GS-56142G25F-T, EL-10030 T.   04-13-97 to 09-15-09.  Xara was a solid black daughter of my Dora von der Steimbelsiedlung and Ingo Degen von Fernheim, SchH3, IPO1, FH2, AD, CDX, TD, Can. CD, TDI, TC, KK1 2a Lbz, OFA-GS-35467G24M-T, GS-EL2505-T.  He was a sable male of my own breeding who sired guide dogs and breeding stock for 3 different guide dog organizations in the U.S. and in 3 foreign countries.  Xara herself was a self-confident, people-oriented, and very affectionate dog.  She had five litters out of which 11 dogs had OFA certified hips and OFA normal elbows, 2 being OFA Excellent, 3 have OFA normal prelims and 7 others are x-rayed normal!  Two of her puppies have gone to be service dogs, one is on a SAR team and several others have titles in obedience, tracking, Schutzhund and agility.  Xara had lines to Verro and Gauner vom Kirschental, Silge vom Busecker Schloss, and the 1979 DDR Sieger Bodo v. Gräfental through her sire.  Xara lived to the age of 12 years and 5 months and was compliant up to the end by passing in her sleep at home as I asked her. 

*** To view Xara's pedigree, please click here ***


Xara von Fernheim

SG Yanni von Fernheim

SG Yanni von Fernheim , SchHI, BH, TR1, OB1, TD, CGC , OFA-GS-59180G34F-T, GS-EL11369-T.  08-08-1997 to 10-26-2010.  Yanni was a black and  tan bitch with super prey drive who loved to work.  She got her TD on 02/23/03 in gale force winds and was the only dog out of 8 to pass!  She then got her SchHI on 04/12/03 and went Highest Scoring SchHI even though she was in season at the time!  She  is a daughter of my Gundi von Fernheim and Nax v. Bullinger who competed in the USA SchH3 Nationals for 4 years in a row.  She was a granddaughter of Fedor von  Arminius and DDR import Quindt vom  Baruther-Land.  She had lines to Gauner vom Kirschental and the 1979 DDR Sieger Bodo v. Gräfental.  She has had two litters of puppies.   Yanni lived to the ripe old age of 13 years and 2 1/2 months old.

*** To view Yanni's pedigree, please click here ***

 Greta von Fernheim, TD, BH, OFA-GS-70274G24F-PI, GS-EL16958F24-PI.  10-18-02 to 10-21-15.  Greta was a daughter of my Yanni von Fernheim and Uhlan vom Leerburg, who is a grandson of Mink vom Haus Wittfeld and Steffi van Tiekerhook, herself the producer of the 1992 and 1996 WUSV Weltmeisterschaft Sieger.  Greta got her TD on 10/03/04, the first time she tried, succeeding on a fairly old track on parched dry ground in Springfield, MO, after a 7 hour drive the day before and not feeling well!  She had great focus in the obedience and was on the puppy sleeve in protection at 6 months old doing work dogs a year older were doing!  She had super prey drive and loved to work.  She got nice comments from the judge on her off leash heeling when she got her BH on 12/04/04!  She was trained thru SchH1 but was never trialled.  She had a beautiful head, nice bone, decent structure and wonderful pigment.  She has had 5 litters of pups, many of whom have AKC agility titles, tracking titles, obedience titles and a SchH title, and three are service dogs.  Several of them have OFA hips and elbows.  I kept my Uschi out of her last litter.  Greta came so close to getting her TDX on 03/11/12!!  She negotiated both obstacles, went over both cross tracks and indicated both articles but just overshot the 2nd to last turn only 152 yards from the glove!  She had worked so hard in the woods and on coming out of them so at her age of 9 1/2 years she did earn the TDX but she doesn't have the letters after her name!!!!  After almost dying of parvovirus at 10 weeks old Greta had a long and healthy life living to the age of 13 years old!  She is greatly missed but her genes live on.

*** To view Greta's pedigree, please click here ***

Greta von Fernheim


Kassy von Fernheim 

Kassy von Fernheim , TD, HCT, OFA-GS-78590G37F-VPI, GS-EL21841F37-VPI, OFA Normal Cardiac, Patellae and Thyroid.  03-20-05 to 03-15-12.  Kassy  is a daughter of my Greta von Fernheim and Echo Zorro von Fernheim (see Photo Gallery page). She combines the best of my GSDs.  She has lines to Zorro vom Laager Wall, Quindt vom Baruther-Land, Bodo v. Gräfental, Mink von Haus Wittfeld and Falko von Haus SindernShe continues the good hip and elbow line that I have developed for 6 generations.  She got her TD on 12/04/05 at the tender age of 8 1/2 months old on tinder dry ground with a wind chill in the low 20's and with the distraction of deer!  She had great prey drive and showed promise in her obedience, protection work and agility.  She had super herding instinct and got her HCT on 03/22/09 herding goats!   She has had two great litters of pups, including one pup with an OFA prelim of Excellent hips and normal elbows!  My sweet Kassy succumbed to a massive pyometra 28 days after she had been bred.  What a tragic loss!  It will be hard to get over losing such a sweet girl at such a young age with so much future potential.

*** To view Kassy's pedigree, please click here ***

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